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Early Readers Book Series
Early Readers Book Series

The Early Readers book series can be the perfect first step into your child’s reading journey. Early Readers’ three-stage system allows children of any age to begin reading. Whether it be a simple picture with a word association or complex sentences for children trying to tackle advanced reading challenges, there is a stage for your young reader.

Sam and the Number Wizard
Sam and the Number Wizard

Follow Sam on this math adventure!

Sam stumbles upon a cave and is challenged by the infamous Number Wizard! Sam must beat the wizard at his own game to make it out. Can you help Sam answer the wizard’s math questions?! This story includes simple addition exercises of numbers one through ten. Perfect for teaching young learners basic mathematics.

The Animal Kingdom, One Rhyme at a Time: ABC Animals

Apart from being fun, each rhyme is factual and stays true to the animal’s nature. This makes it fun for children to learn and memorize creatures of the animal kingdom. Exciting illustrations allow children to get a realistic image of the animal while still making it colorful and captivating.


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Our Authors

Lorena Augustine

Author | Illustrator | Innovator

Lorena loves to read, write, and sew (among many, many other things). She is married to Emmanuel Augustine. And together they raise their two sons, Wolfgang and Axel.

Emmanuel Augustine

Author | Creator

Emmanuel loves to read, write, and create! He is married to Lorena Augustine. And together they raise their two sons, Wolfgang and Axel.

Early Readers Stage 2 - Electricity

Early Readers

Stage 2: Electricity

Written by Lorena Augustine


Easy read, Awesome illustrations

“My 9-year-old daughter absolutely LOVES this book. She cannot wait to read about more animals. She reads this book over and over. The artwork is Amazing. I highly recommend this book. Great gift…”

– Amazon Customer

Great book for kids.

“My daughters, three and five years old love this book. Of all the books we own, this is the book they seem to enjoy the most since I got my hands on a copy last week. The illustrations are fantastic, and the choice of text is easy to read. My daughters do wish there were more animals and I can’t wait to get the next one for them. Great for reading to kids as well as teaching them about animals.”

– Amazon Customer

Informative and beautiful! Don’t hesitate.

“My entire family loves this book, parents plus kids aged 7, 5, and 3. It is beautifully illustrated and actually informative instead of the typical alphabet book. I can not wait for the subsequent volumes to be published! I’ll be first in line to purchase.”

– Amazon Customer