ABC Animals

Written by Lorena & Emmanuel Augustine

This book is the first volume of a collection of seven books. This volume covers animals A, B, and C and consists of thirty animals and thirty rhymes. Apart from being fun, each rhyme is factual and stays true to the animal’s nature – making it fun for children to learn and memorize creatures of the animal kingdom. Learn from the unusual aye-aye to the common bluebird. Exciting illustrations allow children to get a realistic image of the animal while still making it colorful and captivating. Perfect for the classroom, traveling, home, and of course, bedtime! Fun, educational entertainment for children anytime, anywhere.

Written by Emmanuel Augustine

A boy makes a decision that drastically changes his life overnight. Will he be able to change things back to the way they were? Or will he keep things as they are? Find out in “The Wolf in Me!”
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